Accessing the best deals available throughout the marketplace has been a growing concern for travel agencies. Fragmentation results in a loss of customer confidence, and ultimately, the customer moves on to another agency. In an industry where time is of the essence, it is crucial for travel agents to serve their customers quickly and efficiently while instilling confidence in their customers that they are truly offering them the best options. What better way to do this than to have the best airfare content available all in one place?

Hubfares is a leading online Business to Business (B2B) travel aggregator providing access to the best global airfare content via its innovative HUB Graphical User Interface (GUI) and APIs. “We not only provide our clients with the best global content via a single source, but we also organize, manage, and service it,” says Mark Lowery, Managing Partner and CEO at HubFares.

HubFares evolved from its parent company, AccessFares, as a vision to function as a separate online B2B entity. “We embarked on this journey intending to be the best supplier to all travel-related organizations, not just in the U.S., but globally. Our unwavering focus on providing fully-automated advanced fare aggregation, organized content delivery, and superior support services enables our clients to increase their revenue and to become more productive,” states Lowery.

HubFares offers technology that is beneficial to a diverse group of travel professionals globally. Having customercentricity at the core, HubFares customizes ideal solutions for the distinct needs of their clients by providing them with the ability to search for the lowest fares, including private and published, with end-to-end automation and 24/7 service. For larger clients utilizing their own platforms, HubFares can integrate the clients’ content with HubFares’, giving them an array of options, including managing market share across carriers.

HUB offers the best and largest selection of aggregated content to all of its users. It’s very simple to sign up, and there are no start-up fees involved

Clients that may not have a high-tech platform can still benefit from HubFares by using the HUB Portal. The portal makes every booking seamless, fast, and reliable, resulting in increased productivity with a higher margin for profit. “HUB offers the best and largest selection of aggregated content to all of its users. It’s very simple to sign up, and there are no start-up fees involved. Customers can access both published and private fares on HUB to ensure the best deals and manage reservations and bookings all in one place,” says John George, Managing Partner and Chief Development Officer at HubFares. Additionally, HubFares is committed to providing round-the-clock elite customer service, including rate desk pricing, waiver support, auto-ticketing, quality control, and other value-added options.

HubFares offers multiple connectivity options via XML/API, native GDS, and its HUB booking engine. “If an agency requires a single point API with all the content through one channel or GDS APIs such as Sabre Internet Pseudo City Code (IPCC), we customize our offerings as per the clients’ requirement. It’s all about connecting in the fastest manner possible and simplifying the overall process of delivering the content to the customer in a seamless and organized fashion,” says George.